Tourism for All in Japan (Study Group for more kind travel)


"Tourism for All in Japan" was formed in April, 1991, with a membership of only 10. But each member was highly motivated.
The purpose of this study group was to consider the way to promote social environment that everyone (including elderly and disabled) can travel freely to everywhere. The members began the activity by asking themselves what they can do. The members included the people from various kinds of professions and statuses, but they all loved travel.The number of members has grown to over 100.


From the beginning to the present time, we have held monthly study meetings totaling more than 100 times. In each meetings we invite various lecturers who are involving in the travel of the elderly and disabled person.
As outward activities, we have held a trip to Hawaii (1992) and symposia on the travel of the elderly and disabled (1994,1997). We also published a book named "A handbook for the travel of the disabled" in 1995 by Gakuensha Publications.
We have two sub-groups named "Manabi-tai"(Learning Group) and "Asobi-tai"(Playing Group). In Manabi-tai, we settle down to study on such specific theme as the attendant care during travel and legislation for traffic access. Before the opening of the Nagano Paralimpic Games in 1998, we visited various sites and facilities to check their accessibility. On the other hand, in Asobi-tai, we actually go to the enjoyable sightseeing spots and experience the means of transportation.
From the early time, we have actively taken up the issues of "barrier-free"and "universal design." We also deal with the town-making project to secure access for all as the problems that exists on the extended line of travel. And we also try to deal with new and timely issues such as the attendant dog.
In addition to these, we have actively engaged in the exchange programs with other groups and organizations that have worked for similar objectives with us.


The most important objective of our activities is to make social environment which everyone including the disabled can travel comfortably without worry about anything. To realize this objective, it is necessary to reform everyone's sense to make sure that "tourism for all" is not special problem of the elderly and disabled, as well as to improve physical accessibility of public transportation, accommodation facilities, and towns in general.
We hope to contribute to make society that everyone can live together in cooperation with various people and organizations that have the same or similar objectives.